Irrigation and Water Technologies
With our expertise and innovations irrigation and water solutions resource through design and implementation of various projects in Irrigation, drainage, greenhouse farming and water harvesting technologies. The various irrigation methods are based on the clients’ needs and analysis from our technical team. With this system therefore, the framers are assured of minimum water usage and high productivity. Saerd Centre Ltd undertakes training of our clients, farmers, Ngo’s and other organizations
    a. Irrigation
Drip irrigation; PC driplines, NPC driplines [ thin-walled], button drippers, accessories for smart drip irrigation, Saerd Centre drip kits in quarter acre, one acre,
Sprinklers; overhead sprinklers, under trees sprinklers, accessories for sprinklers
Mini-sprinklers; micro-sprinklers, mist and fog sprinklers, accessories for mini-sprinklers
Landscape and residential; driplines, pop up sprinklers, mini-sprinklers, accessories
Irrigation Accessories; filters, valves, automatic filters, controllers

    b. Greenhouse farming
Greenhouse farming involve the growing of crops in controlled environment. The structure can be made of local/ natural materials, glass or polythene.
The  advantages of the greenhouses are:
    • Protection against diseases, pests and other vermin.
    • Excellent ventilation. You can ventilate the greenhouse quickly, thanks to their zenithal or side windows.
    • Optimum sealing against rain and air.
    • Increased production. This is a great advantage of a greenhouse, can intensify production due to weather conditions, can accelerate the growth of the plants and also allows a greater amount of crop on the surface.
    • Production off-season. Thanks to the environmental control of the greenhouse can produce off-season, therefore we will have a better sale price and a continuous supply of the product.
    • Production in regions with adverse weather conditions.
    • Ability to grow all the year. You can get more than one crop cycle per year and different species of plants.
    • Good distribution of light inside the greenhouse. The greenhouse covers have the ability to change the direction of the sun’s rays, thus evenly distributed over the entire surface, benefiting the entire greenhouse and avoiding the sun’s rays directly to the plant.

    c. Water harvesting
Is the collection and management of floodwater or rainwater runoff to increase water availability for domestic and agricultural use as well as ecosystem sustenance. The aim of water harvesting is to collect runoff or groundwater from areas of surplus or where it is not used, store it and make it available, where and when there is water shortage. This results in an increase in water availability by either (a) impeding and trapping surface runoff, and (b) maximizing water runoff storage or (c) trapping and harvesting sub-surface water (groundwater harvesting



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